Adunja was created in 2015 on an idea that started with three friends and their frustration with paying full price when going out knowing they had coupons, codes or reward cards to use but didn't have it on them. Life is fast...and busy but we hate missing out on deals.

We wanted to change the way you use discounts by making them convenient but also a little more cool than handing over a punch card or coupon. Everyone loves discounts, but many don't want to deal with the hassle involved...Adunja fixed this issue.

Adunja puts all of the discounts around you in one place...your phone. All you need to do is order/purchase like you normally would then show the server/cashier your Adunja account on your phone to receive your instant discount.

We made using discounts all over town fast, easy, low key, and most importantly worth it.